Disney’s Moana


In 2016 I had the pleasure and honor to be part of the Look Development Team at Walt Disney Animation Studio. It was a great experience which gave me the opportunity to evolve as an artist and have a deeper knowledge of a feature film pipeline. The shot above is one of the environments that I was responsible for the lookdev, including vegetation scattering. The second one is Grandma Tala’s house, which I was responsible for the interior and exterior lookdev, including the giant Mango Tree. =)


I was also responsible for a lot of sand close up shots (lot of Xgen scattering and hand painted footprints history going on! hahaha!)

Here are some other shots that I had the pleasure to work:

Ancestors Cave

I was responsible for the whole cave Look Dev (both inside and outside!), except for the boats (done by Pedro Conti and Sara Cembalisty). One cool thing about it is that I made the animation of the waterfall vegetation. =)


Kakamora Barge

One of the most challenging sequences that I worked, my role was to Lookdev some main assets like the giant drum platform with the drum included (and the minors too), all  sails, the running wheel and the tower that the Kakamora leader stays on among other things. After that Pedro Conti and I splitted the main barge and worked on close up shots.

moana_02 moana_03moana_05moana_04moana_10

Lalotai Cliff and Shark Maui Beach

I was responsible for the whole mountain (except the entrance at the top) both close ups and the overall shot. The initial plan was to have the overall shot made with matte painting but after showing some tests the art directors decided to go with a full 3d render! Yaay!



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