Walt Disney’s Moana

2016 | WDAS Tools


I had the honor to work as a Look Development Artist on Moana, Walt Disney’s 56th animation feature film and Oscar nominee for 2016 Best Featured Animation Film. As part of the LookDev team, here’s some things that I worked on:


Kakamora Barge

Me, Pedro Conti and Sara Cembalisty. Sara did the initial pass on the whole barge, and then Pedro and I took over. I was responsible for all the sails and per shot features like the wooden machines, drums, the giant shell machine and the Kakamora leader platform.


Ancestors Cave and Motunui

Worked on the whole environment (inside and outside) look development and , including creating and animating the vegetation under the waterfall and the boat where Moana hit the drums. This also include scattering rocks, pebbles and minor debris on the ground. The boats lookdev where made by Sara Cembalisty and Pedro Conti and the drums lookdev by Natalia Freitas. I was also responsible for Grandma Tala’s house and the spot where Moana’s and her mom talks about her father’s past.


Lalotai Cliff

From exception from the top, I was responsible for the whole cliff look development. It was pretty tricky because I had to deal with both closeups and far way shots (every shot of the cliff was done using a single model with some minor variations). This includes rocks, moss and vegetation scattering. This environment also appears on the Shark Head sequence.


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