Where are you from? How old are you and how long have you been doing that?

I’m born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil – and still living here! I’m 31 years old and I’m a 3d artist since I was 19,so 12 years ago. In 2016 I lived in Burbank while I was working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, but when my contract ended I moved back to Brazil.


What software do you use?

Mainly 3DS Max, but I also work with Maya and know a thing or two about Modo. For rendering I can use V-Ray, Maxwell Render, Arnold Render, Octane, Corona and Modo native render engine. For sculpting I mostly use Zbrush, Substance Painter for Texturing and Photoshop (or After Effects) for post-production.


What are your PC specs?

  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x 3.7Ghz
  • 2 GTX 1080ti
  • 64GB Ram 3000mhz

It’s a cool PC, but for years I used to work with averages PCs (I’ve made Fuurinkazan using only a I3 Dual Core for rendering), so don’t let PC specs be a barrier, because they can dictate how fast, but not how good you work is. =)


What you do for living?

After a long time working for studios here Brazil, now I work as full-time freelance 3d artist/CG Generalist. So, if you’re looking for someone to execute or supervise, I will be pleased to help!


CG Generalist? What are your skills?

I can do all the running process for a character development:

  • 3D Concept (I can do 2D as well, but I do prefer 3d.)
  • Modeling , Look Development and Render.
  • Characters for both Cinematic and Games.
  • Some TD stuff as rigging (basic) and really basic character animation.

I’m also a “problem-solver”, most of the time I’m trying to figure out what went wrong with something.

I have +8 years of experience with 3d illustration as well and +1 year as a character modeler for games.


 Do you work with full animation projects?

I can do all the running process, from concept to post production. I can also animate, but isn’t a skill that I feel myself comfortable and for now I prefer to improve it before accepting an animation job, which I’m working on it. =)


Where did your learned all that stuff? Did you took classes?

I’m a self-taught artist. Everything that I know I learned day by day facing problems to solve at work or looking for new knowledge at Google.


Talking about classes, what can I do to get some classes from you?

I have some plans to start an online workshop project this year, but dates are TBA. Meanwhile, I also do lectures and comissioned workshops for schools/websites. So, if this is your case, send me a message! =)


Are you avaliable for freelance/comissioned works? And for a fulltime job?

Sure! I’m always open for new opportunities! =)


I sent you an e-mail and you didn’t replied me. Why? ='(

Damn, If I made that I’m truly sorry! I always try to reply every message that I get, sometimes it can took months (not because of the amount, just because I’m to lazy to do that), but you can rest assure that I read every message and do my best to reply then! Feel free to find me on Instagram!


What about Fuurinkazan? I’m waiting for it!

For a while some people come to me asking about Fuurinkazan’s production, where and when it is standing out. The production Fuurinkazan is in indefinite hiatus … and not likely to come out from this hiatus! Hehe! I will not go into detail about the reasons, since most of them are quite personal (and one ugly e-mail from Capcom) and justify this decision.
I’m really sorry if that sounds selfish of me, but the truth is that we may continue the project, the way we were doing, it would be a great selfishness with people who care and are concerned about us.
From the beginning, my idea with Fuurinkazan was doing something that made me proud, and I can say that one of the proudest moments in my career was to upload it to Youtube! hahaha!
I was once told that the first major step towards a good jump is a step backwards – not even stop believing that the project is a step backwards, but a step to the side to take another path.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supported the idea, shared, commented and criticized. Today I see all that involved Fuurinkazan as a great learning experience for something bigger. I also thank the people who stood by my side throughout the development and who believed in me – whether in professional or personal – and the few who from the very beginning believed in the project back in the mid 2011.


Any tips for who is starting?

Be humble, let the world inspire you and do it for love. Everything else will be a consequence. 😉